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This week we are moving onto the topic Time. If your child is unable to tell the time on an analogue clock, that would be a good place to start before you begin any of the lessons below. There are lots of useful time games on the Topmarks website, the link is shown below.

Here is a document explaining what your child needs to know in this topic with some useful examples. You could work through some of the examples together.

For each lesson I have provided a diving into mastery worksheet which increases in difficulty. If you have the free access to Twinkl you can find useful Powerpoint presentations to accompany the worksheets, which I am unable to provide on here as they can be edited- search Year 4 time mastery



Begin your session with a quick warm-up activity, for example:

TT rockstars/Hit the button

Countdown maths

Play 'Guess my number/shape'- don't forget to explain the rules!

Have a go at some calculations for each operation (add, subtract, multiply and divide)

Quickfire mental arithmetic



Lesson 1

How many seconds in a minute, how many minutes in an hour? Have a go at answering questions using your knowledge of converting between units of time. 
Lesson 2

Do you know how many days there are in a week, in a month and  in a year? Can you remember the rhyme for the number of days in each month of the year? 30 days has September.......

Use this information to help you answer the questions on the worksheet below.

Lesson 3

Hopefully by now you can tell the time using an analogue clock.

In this activity you need to know how to tell the time on a 12 hour digital clock.. Learn how to do this using the teaching clock and game below.

Lesson 4

In this lesson you need to understand how to tell the time using the 24 hour clock..

There are videos on YouTube to watch if you need help with this and some websites below.

Lesson 5- mini assessment

Problem solving

Here are some further word problems with answers included.

Useful web links