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This week we are looking at fractions. When you were in Year 3 you will have done some similar activities to the ones below. You could start by having a go at the online games and then have a go at some of the activities. 

Monday 27th April 2020

Watch the video clip, introducing fractions and the language that is used to represent fractions. 

Then read through the lesson presentations and then have a go at the questions. You can write and draw the answers in your book rather than write on the sheet if you need to. 

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Equivalent Fractions

Watch the video clip and then look at the RECAP equivalent fraction document. Once you have done that have a go at the questions on the activity sheet. 


Wednesday 29th April -Thursday 30th April

Keep going ... try some more equivalent fractions. Watch the video clips and then try the activities. 

Equivalent Fractions

Friday 1st May

Keep working on your times tables knowledge and log on to your ttrock star account. 



Why not give this practical activity a go?