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 Week beginning 30th March 2020


Numeracy - this week we are going to be continuing to do lots of maths challenges relating to data and statistics - there will be bar graphs, line graphs, tally sheets and some pictograms! Please say 'hello' and let me know how you are getting on!


We are starting on Monday with a return to bar charts. You will be familiar with the starter on the PowerPoint. See if you can do all the questions in under 5 mins. After this read the PowerPoint and see if you can identify all the mistakes on the first graph. Then do your own version in your books. Remember it is all about drawing the bar chart accurately. 


After reading the PowerPoint, complete the activity - a word count survey and draw a bar chart to present your findings. 



Today we are going to be continuing with our data challenges. The focus will be Carroll diagrams, although in this activity they are referred to as 2 way tables. They are the same thing.  See if you can use your knowledge to first extract data from them ,then complete the remaining diagrams. You even have a chance to complete another pie chart! 

Drawing Pie Charts by Hand

I know some of you have been finding drawing a pie chart difficult. This tutorial shows how to draw pie charts by hand on paper using a protractor. In this video you'll learn the steps to constructing pie charts by hand.



Why not have a go at these reasoning tests? See how you get on. If you get any questions wrong, have a look at the answers and see if you can figure out where you went wrong. If you are still stuck, drop me a line and I will see if I can explain!



Well done to those of you who had a go at the SATs reasoning tests.  I thought maybe we could just have a bit of fun today so here are a couple of games you could play with family members to keep your maths skills up! 


Maths Number Game - Countdown

In this game there are 4 large number cards (25, 50, 75 and 100) and 2 sets of 1-10 number cards. To start players need to pick 6 cards, choosing from either...

Indoor maths game 2: Salute 

This simple game is all about bringing together verbalisation and maths. 

What you need to play:

  • Two willing participants (not a furry coworker!)
  • Cards numbered 1-10 (these can be made from a sheet of paper)

How to play:

Step 1: The game starts with the two players facing each other. Each person selects a numbered card and sticks it on their forehead, so the other player can see. 

Step 2: The person leading the game gives a statement, such as what the sum of the two numbers is, the difference between the two or the product of the two etc….. 

Step 3: Each player has to work out what number is on their own card, based on what is written on the other person’s head and the rule given. 

Week beginning 23rd March 2020



This week we are moving onto statistics and in particular looking at how pie charts and line graphs work. To do pie charts well we need to remember that there are 360 degrees in a full circle and we need to remember how to work out percentages. To do line graphs well we need to remember that scale is very important. look at the scale your graph is going up in and read your line graphs carefully. Remember - always read the question carefully!


Please follow the learning in the order in which it is published. This will help you. 

How to Draw a Pie Chart Mathscast

This video shows how to draw a pie chart by working out angles from a table.