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29th June - 3rd July


This week in literacy we are starting to read Holes and doing some comprehensions and writing tasks around it.  Both the book and the film are freely available online so you can keep up with the learning whether you are at home or in school. The book is available in pdf form and the film is available on youtube.


Link to a PDF file of the book: (Note: we do not own the link)



Holes full movie


Task 1.)  Look at the PowerPoint. You can see the cover of the book. What do you think the cover is trying to convey? Also read the blurb on the back of the book (also available on the PowerPoint) What do you think the story will be about? 

Task 2. ) Read the first 2 chapters and then complete the worksheet that looks at character and setting. 

Today we are looking at persuasive devices. Thinking about Stanley's father's inventions. Can you come up with some of your own? How will you persuade people to buy your inventions? 



Today we are continuing to write up our persuasive leaflets. Class A can you prepare them so we can go through them on Thursday? 

Thursday - Read to chapter 9



Continue to work on your creative writing task and read to chapter 12

6th July - 10th July

This week we will be continuing to work on activities relating to Holes. On Monday we will be doing a character analysis of the warden. What can you infer about her character from what Stanley see and thinks? On Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to write a newspaper report using all the features of the genre

15th -29th June


This week we are writing a creative story based on the image in the PowerPoint - a ship of ghosts. Look at the picture and think about the questions. Try to plan your story using the diagram in the PowerPoint. I would love you to send in any stories for me to read. 

There is also a First News comprehension for you to complete and an accompanying crossword. The answers are enclosed within each file. 

Week 3


First of all I want you to know how immensely proud of you we are in the way you have progressed with your literacy work.  Your writing has improved so much over the last six months and I will be showing your secondary school teachers just what you can do when I meet with them in June. This is why we must continue over the next few weeks, even if you have to write at home initially.  I am going to include some SPaG work and some spelling work just to keep your brain ticking over with all those grammatical terms we have learnt.smiley  You will need to use them in September and in the run up to your GCSEs.  The work book you took home will remind you of them all and of course that lovely punctuation we all know and use.  Keep reading!  It is the key that unlocks so much knowledge.  You will need to be able to read to a good standard in year seven so that you can understand all those different subjects you will be studying.



Please try and complete the work for each day.


Week 1 

Complete half a  page of your spelling book each day

Read one section of the grammar work each day.  You will also have this in your handout.  In your blue book write some of your own examples.

Complete a quiz.

Read the section on a balanced argument.

Read the example on school uniform.  Work on writing your own, a section a day, just as we do in literacy.  Use my example.  Keep parts and add your own ideas.  Use a formal style of writing and include the language of a balanced report.  Think about openers/time connectives/connectives and high level punctuation.

Read for twenty minutes each day.






Week  2

Hope week one went well.  I am sure you tried your best.  If you didn't finish all the work don't worry, just finish it in week two.

Complete half a  page of your spelling book each day


Read one section of the grammar work each day.  You will also have this in your handout.  In your blue book write some of your own examples.


Complete the  quiz.


Read the persuasive theme park document.  You are going to design your own theme park.  Remember though, this is English so the language is very important.  This week we will plan.  Next week we will draw out the design of the park and the following week we will put both together to create the finished result.  Read the booklet through and then jot some of your ideas down in your blue book.  

Read for twenty minutes each day.

Recommended reading

Week 4
Happy Easter week everyone.  This week I want you to continue with your reading as usual but take  this week to do  Easter activities and spend time with your family.  Speaking and listening is a really important part of English so chat, play some games, enjoy the good weather and have fun.  Stay safe. Mrs Lockwood 

Welcome back to the summer term.  I hope you all had a happy Easter despite the lock down.


Summer Term  Week 5 

This week I have attached some revision SPaG work and a quiz, a reading comprehension with answers, a spot the deliberate mistake quiz and a writing task.  Good luck and do your best.


Mrs L xx



Week 6

Thank you for all the hard work so far.  You have posted some fabulous work which is a credit to you as it can't be easy working from home.  This week we have the usual SPaG revision and a persuasive letter.  The example is a letter of complaint from the fairy tale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff where the biggest billy goat writes about the troll who terrorises his family.  As always, please use the example and make it your own or, if you feel confident, use another story.  It has to meet the criteria of a letter though.

Week 7

This week for the writing element of literacy we are going to write a non chronological report.  You will have written these before but this report combines genres and this is why it is on the year six curriculum.  It is written in a style of a report and there  is guidance on how to write a report, but it is written as fantasy as you will see from the examples: a Storm Unicorn,  a Cloud Unicorn, a Sprite, a Dragon etc.

Week 8

This week would have been the week of SATs so I have posted a funny version for you to have a go at. There is a SPaG paper completed by me, can you spot the mistakes? a reading comprehension with a difference and a spelling test..... well sort of. You will need to get someone to read the questions out to you.  Let me know if you can at least attempt it.  I will also post next week some papers which we would have used as our mocks for those of you who asked for them.


Good Luck  Mrs L


Week 9

As requested I have posted some past SATs papers for this week.  There are many pages so don't attempt to print them out unless of course you want to.  For the reading paper you have 15 minutes to read the texts and the 45 minutes to answer the questions.  You will need to extend the time for answering the questions as it will be more difficult to access online. You could just write the answers on a piece of paper perhaps? SPaG is 45 minutes.  I have also attached the answer books.  Good luck.

I hope everyone has had a good half term holiday.  The weather has been amazing for us once again.  From June 1st I will be in school so I will post the unit of work we will be working on in year 6.  This is three weeks work as it involves story writing and redrafting to write the best story you can.  I have also posted some SPaG work which you will need to revise so that you can use it in your story.  Good luck.