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HT6 Summer term week 8 (15-20th June)

This week we will be developing skills in statistics. We will be doing investigations involving reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs and pie charts. 
Work through the presentation sheet and if you are finding it easy there are some mastery sheets attached for you to work through as well. Statistics can be tricky - look really closely at the grid lines and the scales for each graph and think about what you are being shown. 
On Tuesday we are going to be drawing line graphs. There is a file of grid paper for you to download. Remember to think very carefully about the scale you use and the accuracy of your drawing.
On Thursday and Friday we are revising pie charts again as this was an area that many of you found challenging. Remember that a whole pie chart is 360 degrees. If you need to find a section look at how many the whole is and then try to relate it to fractions by counting the number of segments.