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English - Saturn (Week 2 - 30.03)

Friday 3rd April 2020

Today's literacy warm up has an Easter theme today to get your ready for the 'Easter' holiday period. I have found for you an online Easter themed word search that you complete.

When you think you have found one of the words, click on the first letter and then hold and drag the mouse to the bottom of the word and then let go and if you are correct the word will automatically be crossed off the list. I love a good word search.

I hope you enjoyed thinking of ways that you could perform the 'I'm walking with my iguana' poem that I set yesterday.

Well today, I would like you to write your own version of the poem. Keep the same element of 'I'm walking with ...', but can you think of a different unusual creature that you could walk. Try to keep the same structure of the poem, have a chorus that you keep repeating. Try to create verses that have 4 lines in them, and if you want an extra challenge try your best to get lines 2 and 4 in the verses to rhyme.

Once you have created your poem, will the way you performed the iguana version work for your own? Could you think of how to alter your performance so it fits to yours instead.

Again you could record this and send it over to me on Class Dojo. You know I love to hear from you.

I'm walking with my Iguana poem to look at again

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Off we go. Can you please use your listening ears for this warm-up task. I have uploaded a pdf that has some rhyming descriptions on them, 1 for a monster, 1 for a clown and 1 for an alien. As you listen to the one (or more) of your choice can you draw a picture of what you are listening to. I would love to see your funny creations on Class Dojo.


Rhyming descriptions

Now for the next exciting instalment of 'I'm walking with my Iguana'. You will be glad to hear that I am not going to ramble on for too long today, lol. The poem is designed to be performed, so I would like you to create a performance of the poem. You could do it alone like Brian Moses in the video clip you watched, or you could get your family members involved. Could you use sound effects, body parts to create a musical beat by clapping/stamping? Could you place some actions to certain parts? Are there any props you could use? 

It would be fab-u-lous if you could video them, so you can send them to me and entertain me, just like you would in the classroom.

Wednesday 1st April 2020

There's no work for you today.  LOl, Aprils Fool. Hehe. Only joking.

Let's get our rhyming game on.

Rhyming eye spy:

Begin the game by say: I spy something in the room that rhymes with eg: hair. The answer that could be in the room could be chair. Take it in turns to continue the game.

Right now for the next instalment of 'I'm walking with my Iguana'.

What do you remember about the poem? Re-read the poem. What words do you particularly like? Which do you think work well as rhyming pairs of words? What do you think you can tell about the character in the poem? What atmosphere/mood do you think occurs in the poem? Does it stay the same or does it change? What would you change about the poem if you could? 

Can you think of a list of questions that you would like to ask the poet? They could be closed questions: eg: How long have you had an iguana? Or open questions where you get a longer answer: eg: What is like having an iguana as a pet? What is it like walking an iguana?

You could even try to think like the poet and answer the questions you thought of.


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Over the rest of the week, I thought it maybe nice to let our creativity shine and look at some poetry, don't worry it's not going to be boring I promise.

To get your brains warmed-up for this topic let's kick off with some rhyming words. I have attached a worksheet that you can print or draw in your books with a word at the bottom of it, can you think of words that rhyme with it and write them going along the branches. Try drawing your own and think of a different word to start with.

Rhyming tree

The poetry we will look at is classed as Performance poetry and so is fun to explore. The poem that we are going to study is called 'I'm walking with my iguana' by Brian Moses. Told you it wasn't going to be boring.

Can you watch the video which shows an iguana moving and discuss the questions that I have posted with someone. Before you read it for yourselves, I have also included a video of the poet himself reading out his poem. What did you think to it? Did you like/dislike it? Why? Why is it strange? What rhymes can you pick out of the poem. You could highlight these on the worksheet that I have uploaded that has the poem on. Enjoy, I do!

Questions and poem to discuss about the iguana

Monday 30th March 2020

Time to focus my little lovely's. Can you please dig out your Year3/4 exception spelling list that you were given. Can you pick a group of 10 that you would like to learn. With those 10, can you please learn to read them and know the definitions of the words so that you maybe able to use them in future pieces of writing that you complete.

To help with learning how to spell them, you could use the 'rainbow write' idea that you have previously undertaken as part of your homework.

Use an online dictionary to help you discover what each word means. Once you know this, could you write a sentence in your exercise book that includes it. Use your best handwriting, that pen license could be waiting for you on your return to school.


Rainbow Write