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English - Saturn (Summer Week 1-20.04.2020)

Friday 24th April 2020

Let's try to be a bit active with our literacy starter today. Using your year 3/4 spelling list, choose about 4 that you want to learn. On pieces of paper, write one letter from each spelling on them, by the end you may have quite a lot of pieces of paper and a few of the letters. I want you to place these pieces of paper around the room, garden, house depending on how much exercise you want to give yourself. Ask a grown-up to pick one of your focused spellings, you have to search for the letters that make that word, bring them back and lay them out in the correct order.


We are going to do some reading practice today and comprehension questions/tasks on another poet. Another fantastic children's poet called Allan Ahlberg and his book of poems based on school life, called 'Please Mrs Butler'. Do any of your parents know the book? I love the poems they are funny, you will have to let me know what you think.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Right for this you are going to need a helping hand. You are going to play a guessing game, on small pieces of paper can you write lots of different nouns (hopefully you remember these as we learnt about them earlier on in the week) 1 noun on 1 piece of paper, fold them all up so you can't see what is written on them and place them into some sort of container. This is were you need the helping hand, you need someone in your house to be the guesser. You have to pick one of the slips of paper and try to describe to them the item that is written on it. How many can they guess correctly?


Whilst I'm typing this, I have a mad 3 year old riding her rocking horse and singing to herself. Can you pick out the verbs in this sentence? What are verbs? Well you will definitely know by the end of the this lesson.

I have posted the link to the BBC lesson of videos and online tasks, but a task that we have done in school before is another guessing game like the one we did to start. But inside of nouns , you write verbs on the pieces of paper and you have to act out the action to the guesser instead of describing it. If you have any funny mimes, video them and send them across to me on Class Dojo to see if I can guess what you are doing.




Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Welcome to the world of words, a bit of alliteration for you there, To get us started today, I want you to make up a silly short story. Easy I hear you say, there is a catch, you have to include 3 nouns from my list. We have done this in class and we do let our imaginations go wild. Here are your choices:

toothbrush        box         umbrella          moon            ice cube

jelly             seahorse          sand              Bridlington           carpet

ladder               balloon                flour             Mrs Kellett           digger

Please share them with me on 'Class Dojo'.


We are continuing SPaG, we are looking at adjectives, you guys are fabulous at using adjectives but I need you to try and remember what type of words adjectives are, without me having to prompt and give little clues. It is from the BBC daily lessons website, watch the videos play the online game. If you don't want to do the sheet that goes with it an alternative could be that you think of the people you have in your family and you write adjectives down that would go with that person or adjectives to describe your favourite food or colour.


For example: my mum - hard working, kind, proud, silly, thoughtful


To help you think of some wow words why don't you use an online thesaurus.



Tuesday 21st April 2020

To get your brains thinking in words my idea is, think of an animal 🦒 can you give it a name that starts with the same letter Gerry giraffe 🦒, now think about where they could be that starts the same letter again, Gerry giraffe 🦒  was in the garden, now think of an adjective describing that place that has the same letter, Gerry giraffe 🦒 was in the gorgeous garden and think of what they are doing there beginning with that letter, Gerry giraffe 🦒 was in the gorgeous garden grazing and lastly think of how they are doing their action Gerry giraffe 🦒 was in the gorgeous garden grazing greedily. Hopefully you have a fantastic sentence that has alliteration in it.

Now don’t groan, but we are going to continue the SPaG theme we started yesterday, we are concentrating on pronouns. Again there are one videos to watch to help your understanding before you complete the short tasks online. If you decide to do the print out sheets please bear in mind they may have a difficulty level. 
1 ⭐️ = easiest

2 ⭐️ = medium

3 ⭐️ = hardest

Monday 20th April 2020

We are going to get our SPaG (spelling, grammar and punctuation) heads on this morning. We are going to be thinking about nouns(names of people, places and objects) but we can split this type of word into smaller groups common nouns (names of general things) and proper nouns ( names of specific people and places. I have found a daily lesson on the BBC home learning site that you can use. It has videos and online activities for you to complete and an activity sheet that you can print out and complete.