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Week beginning 13.07.20

Hello, I am feeling a little sad typing this as it means it's the last post on here before the summer holiday begins.  What a different year it's been, but hopefully we're coming out of the other side of things now and it will be great to get back to talking face to face in school instead of via a computer! 

For this week's English I have put Mrs Kellett's tasks on for you, but also the Stone Age story How to Skin a Bear (pdf version) as well, in case some of you would like to carry on reading it.

Thank you for all your efforts, both children and parents. 

Have a lovely summer holiday with your families and friends.

Take care

Mrs Land xx



Week beginning 06.07.20

Hi children, hope you've had a lovely weekend and managed to get out a bit more, maybe to a play park?

I tried flying our new kite today (Sunday) but a dog kept chasing it then strings got all tangled, so we'll try again another day! 

Yesterday Mr Blakeley, Mr Corcoran, Mr Asbery & I cycled 62 miles to practise for our 100 mile challenge to raise money for our school, so I'm a bit sleepy today!

For this week's English activities, please see them on Saturn's page.

Enjoy your week, not long to go now.

Mrs Land xx



Week beginning 29.06.20

Hello children,

Here are this week's English activities from Mrs Kellett for you to choose from.

Just do what you can and remember to have some quality non-work time with your family members too - why not play some board games together or start another jigsaw? They might not sound exciting but are a nice way to engage your brain in a more relaxed way. (My son seems to have forgotten about all his toys and games, as his tablet or TV is always calling! However, once we prise him away he realises there's more to life than Minecraft & Mighty Mike!).

Good luck.

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 22nd June 

Hi Mercury children,

Here are our English tasks for you to choose from this week. Just do what you can when you have time to, but if you're in school on some days then please do them in the Day order as Mrs Kellett has photocopied the sheets for you in the same order.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 15th June 

Hi Mercury children,

Here are our English tasks for you to choose from this week. Just do what you can when you have time to, but if you're in school on some days then please do them in the Day order as Mrs Kellett has photocopied the sheets for you in the same order.

Thank you! 

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 08.06.20

Hello again Mercury class!

Hope you're not getting too bored yet? At least we're allowed out a bit more now! I had a lovely three days with my little F1 pupils last week and I also managed to catch a glimpse of some of you working in school, which was nice.

This week's English activities are attached below so just do what you can. (Please also see main Year 3 message for more information.)


Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Week beginning 01.06.20

Hi everyone

This week's English activities are attached below.

Please also see main Year 3 message for more information.

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Mon 25th - Fri 29th May - Holiday activities for eager Mercurians!

Hello children, it’s half term holiday this week but I thought I’d post a few activities in case any of you managed to get through all the English activities in last week’s Classroom Secrets pack and are hungry for more brain food!

You could take a look at the BBC Bitesize lessons on fact & opinion, formal & informal language and the fun story ‘You’re a Bad Man, Mr Gum’. I’ve put the links below.

I’ll be in school this week helping to prepare classrooms for the year groups who are back on June 1st. I’m also busily finishing your school reports, which I’ve been enjoying writing over the last couple of months as they’re bringing back lovely memories!

Thank you for working hard. Enjoy the sunny hol (close your eyes and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere 🏖 🌞).

Mrs Land xx


Mon 18th - Fri 22nd May: Y3 Learning Pack

Hi children, parents and carers, it's the last week of this term already!

For this week’s learning I have attached a Y3 Home Learning pack from Classroom Secrets, a government recommended site who provide work for BBC Bitesize. 

The pack contains English and Maths for the whole week. You could either work through the maths and English tasks day by day, or alternatively choose the pages that you feel your child could do with less adult support if you are short of time.

I have also included a Y2 pack if you feel your child would benefit more from the maths content in it.
When you open the Parent Guidance & Answers pdf you can click on Week 5 Timetable. In there, if you select Year 3 and scroll down to the maths slot, it shows the video tutorial and interactive game for each day. 

To further support you with the pack, via Class Dojo I will message you a secure individual login if you wish to access the Classroom Secrets Kids section for more free learning content linked to this week’s learning.

Any problems, please let me know!

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx


Friday 15th May - to/too/two homophones

Friday again! How did that happen?

For today’s activity I’ve put a BBC Bitesize link on with some more homophones. Then you could choose some activities on the sheet below to complete when you have time.

I’ve included an online dictionary link to help.

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 14th May - 'their/they’re/there' homophones

Good morning (or good afternoon, depending on when you see this! Hopefully not evening with a sleepy brain…)

Homophones are words with the same sound but a different spelling and a different meaning, and the English language has a fair few homophones, just to make spelling tricky for us!

Please follow the link below to learn about when to use their, they’re and there.

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 13th May - Reading comprehension

Hello again Mercurians.

Today's English is a reading comprehension activity about the Stone Age, so please go to 'Other Subjects' page to see today's history/English task.

Thank you!

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 12th May - Verbs & Adverbs

Good morning.

I’ve found an adverbs quiz for you to revise them from yesterday.

Then, try the attached online activity, which involves some focused reading.

I thank you kindly (adverb!)

Mrs Land xx


Monday 11th May - Adverbs

Welcome to Half Term 5 Week 4! I hope you managed to have a little fun at home over the bank holiday weekend with your family and neighbours.

Today I would like you to revise adverbs, which I’m pretty sure you covered with Mrs Little. We’ve certainly talked about adverbs when writing our stories.

Adverbs add more detail to verbs (action words). They usually describe how, or when, something happens. Adverbs don’t always have an ‘-ly’ suffix, so take care!

This BBC Bitesize lesson includes two adverbs videos and four activities for you to watch & learn.

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 7th May - V.E. Day Reading activities

Hello children

Today marks 75 years since the official end of the Second World War in Europe in 1945.

Tomorrow, many people in Britain will commemorate V.E. Day (Victory in Europe), as they did on May 8th 1945. You might well be doing some celebrating - at a safe distance of course! - with your neighbours tomorrow?

In preparation for this I’ve included some VE day information and activities for English.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday, just as May 8th was in 1945, so enjoy your day in this fabulous British sunshine, and have a lovely weekend with your family.

PS I’ve also included a famous wartime song by Vera Lynn, which brought a tear to my eye as I was thinking of my little Year 3 class!

We’ll meet again soon…

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 6th May - Expanded noun phrases

Good morning Mercurians.

For a warm-up let’s play this alphabet game which we play at home when walking or driving a long way:

With someone else in your house, go through each letter of the alphabet in turn, saying an adjective and noun that begin with that letter.

Here are some to start you off: an amazing adventure; a beautiful bumblebee; a curious cat.

We find that K, X & Z are usually the trickiest, so good luck with those!

Then, visit BBC Bitesize to watch videos on expanded noun phrases (don’t worry, they’re quite straightforward) and do the accompanying activity sheets.

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 5th May - Poetry questions

For today’s English warm-up, please visit Spooky Spellings via Topmarks. Click on Y3/4 then choose a book from the shelf to reveal a set of tricky words. 

After that, here is another school-related poem by Allan Ahlberg, called ‘Excuses’.

See the attached documents to complete.

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Monday 4th May - poetry comprehension

“May the fourth be with you!” as they say…

Today, to follow on from your poetry work last week, I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize lesson attached below.  Watch Oti Mabuse reading 'Please Mrs Butler' by the well-known British poet Allan Ahlberg on the video clip, then complete the comprehension questions on my attached sheet.

Thank you!

Mrs Land xx


Friday 1st May - Poetry

Happy May! May is my favourite month: Trees, flowers, bright grass, blue sky, warm sunshine - what’s not to love?

Today, look at the two Michael Rosen video clips to give you some inspiration. Then, perform your own weather poem from yesterday with as much gusto as you can.

Ask your family to be the audience or ask them to beatbox for you!  Maybe you could have a Britain’s Got Talent poetry performing night?

(Or maybe just kick back, relax and eat popcorn in front of a movie!)

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Land xx


Thursday 30th April - Poetry

Hello children,

Hope you managed to get a look at yesterday’s poetry lesson?

Today I would like you to have a go at writing your own weather-themed poem in a similar style. Open the pdf document below for the instructions.

I’ve also included another fun poem video with a similar rhythm to it.

Maybe you could ask someone to video you reading your poem and send it to me on Class Dojo? Or if you’re feeling brave, post it into the Portfolio section for all Y3 to enjoy!

Good luck!

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 29th April - Poetry

Wednesday, peak of the week already!

Thought it would be nice for us to look at a poem for a change.

Please look at the Powerpoint attached below (will be fine to view this one on a tablet as it's in a simple format).

Follow the instructions on the file, then look again here tomorrow for more!

Thank you,

Mrs Land xx


Tuesday 28th April - Spellings

Good morning Mercurians!

I’ve been in our classroom for the last couple of days busily covering display boards with new paper as I’m sure we’ll be back together again in the not too distant future. Despite playing my music loudly, it still felt empty without twenty three Y3 children in there!

For an English warm-up today, have a go at Spooky Spellings on Topmarks English. Choose Y3&4 then drag the letters up to spell the words.

If you feel that the Y2 or Y5/6 words are more suitable for your spelling needs, use those instead.

Then I’ve made another worksheet for you to guess the Y3/4 word from its definition.  Like yesterday, one of the worksheets has letter clues but the other doesn’t, so choose the relevant one for your ability level.

Good luck!

Mrs Land xx


Monday 27th April - Spellings

Hello children, hope you had a lovely weekend. Personally, I slept in a tent in the garden last night! My son and I had a great night’s sleep until we were woken by the birds singing (very loudly) at 5am and cows mooing at 6am!

Today I would like you to do some more learning of the Y3/Y4 statutory spellings, letters a-h.

I have attached the word list along with two differentiated worksheets for you to guess the word from its definition.  One of the worksheets has letter clues but the other doesn’t, so choose whichever one, but please challenge yourself!

Ask a parent to check your answers.  

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Friday 24th April - Spellings

Hangman is a light hearted game that I know you love to play!

I have attached our Y3 & 4 spellings for you to play Hangman with someone at home.

Choose a word (don't tell them of course!).

Write a dash for each letter.

Ask the person to guess one letter at a time (always good to start with a vowel).

If their guess is correct, fill in that letter on the corresponding dash.

If their guess in incorrect, write it down as a record. 

For each incorrect guess, draw part of the hangman picture as on the attached file.


Repeat with 5 more words.

Good luck, hope you win!

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Land xx


Thursday 23rd April

Today is St George's Day, he's the patron saint of England!

To learn about St George, take a look at the reading comprehension sheets attached below.

If you run out of paper to print onto, Mr Asbery says they have some at the Co-op! I'll ask Mr Blakeley if he can help via school.

The sheets within both attached files are differentiated easy, medium or hard so be careful not to do all 3 by accident! 

I would suggest Brain Boxes and Clever Clogs groups do the file entitled 'Easier', and Master Minds and Superstars groups do 'Harder'.

Thank you

Mrs Land xx


Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning children, hope you're all ok.

Today it's adjectives, which many of you are already great at but practice is always useful!


Please visit the BBC Bitesize Daily website below for Y3 video clips and activities on adjectives. 


Thank you, Mrs Land.


Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Mercury class!

Today's lesson is a grammar one based on pronouns.


Please visit the BBC Bitesize Daily website below for Y3 video clips and activities on pronouns.  If you do the Twinkl sheet that's on there, remember that they are starred as follows:


** medium

*** harder

You could show your parents which sheet would be best for you to complete.


Thank you, Mrs Land.


Monday 20th April

Hello again Mercury class and welcome to Half Term 5!

I hope you’ve had a safe and enjoyable time with your families this Easter holiday and haven’t eaten toooo much chocolate (like I have). 

Fingers crossed we will be together again in real life before too long.


BBC Bitesize Daily now have activities on their website for you to use at home.

Please visit the website below for today's learning task.


Thank you, Mrs Land.


Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Mercury Class cool

I have included some Easter themed English activities for you below, care of Twinkl. Tell your parents not to worry about adverbs, conjunctions & prepositions as the answers are included! You have done some work on these with Mrs Little, so try your best.

The reading sheets are starred for different ability levels.

Brain Boxes & Clever Clogs use * sheet

Master Minds use ** sheet

Super Stars use *** sheet. 

Parents, please don't feel you have to print everything off. You could perhaps talk through worksheets on screen and children write their answers in Home Learning books.

Have a Hoppy Easter holiday and stay safe! 

Mrs Land xx

PS I might see some of you in school this Wednesday yes



Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Mercury class!

Hope you all slept well and are feeling bright and breezy?

For English today I’ve attached some spelling word searches as a nice little activity. 

The Y3/4 one has 11 word searches so you could maybe do a couple today and save the others for the Easter holiday.

I’ve put three Y2 word searches on too if they’d match your spelling level better.  They could be printed off or you could search for the words on screen.

Why not make your own word search for someone in your house to attempt?

Happy searching!

Mrs Land xx



Wednesday 1st April 2020

It’s April Fools’ Day today - don’t let anyone trick you before midday! Maybe pull a few pranks on an unsuspecting parent or sibling yourself (‘sock-fluff spiders’ on the shoulder get me every time!)


I hope that you managed to complete your own adventure stories yesterday and you are very proud of your efforts. You may award yourself a virtual sticker and house points!

Today it would be fantastic if you could design and make a front & back cover for your story, either in your Home Learning book or by attaching two A4 sheets together. 

The front cover needs to include:

  • the story title
  • the author & illustrator’s name (that’s you!)
  • a cool picture of part of your story

The back cover could include:

  • the story ‘blurb’ (a short description of your story without giving too much away)
  • a quote from your story (actual words from an exciting part)
  • a review from someone who has read your story
  • the book’s price

I have written an example story blurb and attached it below, along with a selection of Minpins book cover pictures to help you with ideas.

I would love to see some of your books covers uploaded to our new Class Dojo site!

If you’re in school today with me you can make a front cover there.  Look forward to seeing you all before too long.

Mrs Land xx



Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

How are your own stories going? It is now time to start to wind them down and eventually get your character back home.

How will your character’s problem be resolved (sorted out)?

Is your character safe?

Did he help anyone else along the way?

Is she glad she had an adventure?

I have written an example story ending to give you some ideas for your own. Try not to rush to get to the end, remember to include details for your reader.

Try your best and enjoy writing your story endings!

Mrs Land xx


Monday 30th March

Hello Mercury class! 

Hope you've had a lovely, if quiet, weekend with your family.

Here is your English activity to begin our Working from Home Week 2!

If you've now written an exciting climax to your adventure story, you next need to think about how your character is going to get out of this rather scary situation.

In The Minpins story, Billy escaped up a tree and discovered the tiny minpins, who used birds to travel around their forest.  Billy came up with the idea of flying on the swan's back at low level so that the monster would pursue him. They flew over the lake and the monster tumbled in, putting out the fire in its belly forever!

Could your character also discover someone (or something) to help him/her escape from your creature? It could be little people, animals or perhaps a goblin or fairy!  If you planned a different problem-solving scenario that's fine too of course.

Keep going with the plot in an adventurous way, using creative extended sentences. 

I have attached some ideas below for extending sentences, so take a look!

We'll write the very endings of our stories on Tuesday.  

Thank you and good luck!

Mrs Land






Friday 27th March

Please see 'Other' subjects folder for today's main task for Mercury Class. For English you can finish of yesterday's climax to your adventure story if you haven't already done so, and also use your neat writing skills in the science activity.


Thank you, Mrs Land.


Thursday 26th March


Dear Mercurians,

Last week at school (a lifetime ago!) you wrote the 'build-up' part of your adventure story, describing your main character entering the forest (or whichever weird/scary setting you chose). 

You wrote some fantastic descriptive sentences which created tension and atmosphere. I could tell exactly how your character was feeling as you described his/her senses so well. 

I will keep those sheets safely at school for you, but I would like you to continue by writing the next installment over the next couple of days.


Introduce the creature that your character encounters in the forest (or your alternative setting). What does your character first hear/smell/see that give clues about the creature?

Build up slowly using a mixture of long and short sentences, then make it as exciting as you can as the creature is revealed, with possibly a scary chase like in The Minpins!

Remember to include impressive nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs as all of this action is happening.  What does your character think or scream out as s/he sees this terrible creature?  What does s/he do? Where does s/he go? Does s/he run away or hide?

You may have planned different ideas on your story volcano sheet last week at school, so use those or change them to something new, as long as it contains exciting action it'll be great!

Use ideas from The Minpins or The Tunnel if you need inspiration.


Stop after this climax of your story, so that we can find a solution to your character's problem after the weekend...


Thank you and happy writing! Mrs Land



For English tasks on Mon 23rd - Wed 25th March, please see the ones in Y3 Saturn's folder.