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Monday 30th March 2020

Weekly spelling practise: 

  • Learn this weeks spellings. Write out each spelling at least three times in your best, joined handwriting. Then try to put each word into a sentence so you can show that you know what the word means.  
  • Why not do a rainbow word like we have done in class before- see photo


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Poetry- My Teacher is a Monster! 

See information sheet. 

Wednesday 1st April - Friday 3rd April -How To Train Your Dragon

Why not listen to the rest of How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Follow the links below to listen to it on YouTube or if you have a copy of the book why not read it it together with an adult. 


Book Review- How To Train Your Dragon

Write a short book review for the novel. Include what you liked about the story, what you think could be improved, who you favourite character was and why. Explain if you'd read any other books by Cressida Cowell in the future or not. You can write it in your exercise book or use one of the writing frames below. You could also draw a picture. 

Punctuation and Grammar work 

Different types of nouns. We have looked at the different types of nouns earlier in the year. Hopefully you will remember !!! Take a look at the following website with information, games and quizzes on common (concrete) nouns, collective nouns,  proper nouns and abstract nouns. Then have a go at the sorting activity ( on the sheet).