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English-Saturn (Week 1 -23.03)

Friday 27th March 2020


Righty ho, let's get this show on the road. Seeing as we all love a good simile I have found and attached a simile pairs game that you could print off and cut up. If you don't have a printer available you could simply copy them onto slips of paper before you start, try to do this with your best joined handwriting so you get some practice in. You could glue them into your books once you have matched them. You could even think of your own afterwards.

Simile pairs game

We have finally got there guys, we are heading towards the ending of our story. After writing your climax (the most exciting part)yesterday you need to look at writing about how the problem that you wrote about earlier gets solved, this should be the 4th box of your story mountain that you completed on Tuesday. Try not to over complicate how it gets resolved but still hold your readers focus by making it interesting, you should know how by now. Once the problem has been sorted you need to think about the ending of your story. Everyone loves and remembers a good ending to a story, so don't rush this element, it is just as important as the rest. I have included a video clip for you to watch to help with your ending as well as a pdf document giving you some guide lines.

I look forward to reading these, when we finally get back together again. 

Story Ending pdf

Just to finish this fantastic story that you have placed so much effort into writing, why don't you design your own front cover for it. 

What title are you going to give it? The title needs to stand out and be easy to remember, make it bold and colourful.

What picture will capture the essence of your story? Will it show the setting? The main character? An exciting part of the plot?

Most importantly, don't forget the authors name, that's you.

Be creative.


Thursday 26th March 2020


To get your brain into gear thinking about words, how about trying our boogle game. I know we have only played it once, but you impressed me with the words that you could find.

The rules are that the letters have to be joined together and be joined by either horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. 

You could print the sheet off and write on that, or simply copy it into your books. Good luck, I hope you find lots of words. Challenge anyone else who is around.

Boogle letters

I hope the beginning of your story went well yesterday. Today I would like you to continue where you left your story. If you haven't already you need to introduce the problem in the story, remember in the minpins, it was there was a nasty creature that lurked in the woods and ate everything that came into sight. Does your story have a similar idea or did you think of your own creative way to take your adventure story?

Can you also write the climax of the story, the most dramatic, exciting part, this could be a fight in the story, losing something important. I'm sure your ideas will be better than mine. Maybe you used an idea from a story you have already read. Remember if I was reading it, it would the part where I cannot put the book down because I am so engrossed in the story.

Use your fantastic words to help build the atmosphere, the tension, the suspense.

Helpful hints for building suspense

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Adventure story

Hopefully yesterday you had fun creating your own story mountain plan for your version of the Minpins. Today, can you start to write the beginning section of your story. Only focus on this part and try to make it as detailed as you possibly can to keep the readers interested and so it paints a picture in their minds. Introduce the characters and the setting, use adjectives, adverbs, similes and your WOW words to really give your work impact.

Remember that your senses help to build up the picture in your mind. Talk about what you can see, the sounds that are around you, the textures of things, the feelings you get in your setting.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Adventure story

In class we have been reading the story 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl. We have placed a link to the plot underneath. Can the children please plan their own version along a similar line?

At school, Y3 Saturn have thought about their main character and the creature that they will come across. Y3 Mercury have written their story introduction, describing their main character and the forest setting, building up atmosphere. 


We have included a sheet that you can print off or you could write the headings into your book and fill your ideas in that way.

Monday 23rd March 2020


Can you start to learn the year 3/4 exception spelling list words? Try to learn 15 of your choice. If you're a confident speller, challenge yourself by choosing tricky ones. You could have a mini spelling test at the end of the week.  If these words are too challenging for you, aim to be able to read them.  Can you say them in a full sentence, showing that you understand their meaning?

Try some of the spelling tasks that you get as part of your homework to help you:

eg; rainbow write, pyramid write, draw a picture that you can hide the words in, draw a shape and write it inside. 

Or use your imagination and create your own idea.