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Wednesday 1st- Friday 3rd April 2020


Have a go at some of the activities from the Easter themed booklet below. Try to complete as many as you can. You don't have to do them in order. 

Tuesday 31st March 2020




Year 4

Year 4 you will continue to look at fronted adverbials. Complete the activity attached. Once completed, create some of your own brilliant sentence with fronted adverbials in. 


Year 5 

You will continue to look at modal verbs. You should know what these are. Complete the worksheet below. 

Monday 30th March 2020


Try to learn another 8 spellings from the spelling lists. Remember to use the activities below to help you to remember them. Try putting each spelling into a super sentence. Once you are confident, ask somebody to test you on them. How did you do? 

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th


Read the text below and answer as many questions as you can. Take your time and read the text carefully to make sure you understand it. I have chosen River themed comprehensions.


Year 4, I would like you to complete the European Rivers comprehension.


Year 5, I would like you to complete the Rivers of the World comprehension. Aim to complete the questions that have two stars at the bottom of the page. If you are wanting a challenge, complete the comprehension that has three stars. 


Parents the answers for each comprehension are on the page after the questions. 

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Your task today is to create a setting description for one of the pictures attached. You can pick any picture you would like to describe to create me an excellent setting description.

Think about the 5 senses (smell, touch, taste, hear and see) and make sure you describe these in as much detail as you possibly can. 

Use lots of amazing adjectives and lots of detail to create a super piece of writing.

Try to avoid saying I can see, I can hear etc - think about different sentence openers.

Tuesday 24th March 2020


For English today we are going to create a story. I would like you to think of 10 nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, you could create lists in your exercise books. Once you have done this, pick 3 from each category.

 Your task is to create a story using the words you have chosen. You should aim to write at least 200 words. Think about the different grammatical features you could include:

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Relative clauses (Year 5)
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Parenthesis (Year 5)



Monday 23rd March 2020




Usually, in class we have a weekly spelling test on a Monday. Use the spelling lists below and try and learn some spellings. Both year groups should have already learnt the first 8 from each list for previous homework and therefore should start from the ninth spelling down. We usually aim to learn 8 spellings each week. I have attached some activities to help you learn those spellings. Once you feel confident with your spellings, ask an adult to test you. How many did you get correct?