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Monday 23rd March 2020

  • Learn this weeks spellings. Write out each spelling at least three times in your best, joined handwriting. Then try to put each word into a sentence so you can show that you know what the word means.  
  • Learn your spellings by choosing one of the activities  from the Spell-Well sheet. Once you think you have learnt them ask an adult to test you. How many did you get correct? 

Tuesday 24th March


Sentence types: read the top of the sheet about the different sentence types-commands, questions, statements and exclamations. Complete the activities on the sheet or write the answers in your exercise book. Remember to write the date and use Sentence Types as your title. After you have completed the activities on the sheet can you think of your own question, your own statement, your own exclamation and your own command. You could try and write them about the polar regions or your experience of home education so far!!!

Wednesday 25th March -Thursday 26th March

Reading Comprehension Activity: Read the following text about Bearded Dragons, then try and answer the questions. In the exercise book you brought home the English group you are in is written on the inside front cover; topaz, diamond or sapphire. Try to make sure you do the correct one. ( Parents the answers are on the last page to help you and your child if needed.) This activity should take about 45 minutes but don't worry if it takes longer or you do it over two days. 


Friday 27th March 2020

With all that is happening around us, not being able to see the ones we love and many people isolating, why not write a letter to somebody in your family or a friend you are not able to see. You could even try writing a letter to an elderly person at Hopton Cottage Care Home. 

If you are writing to somebody you know you could tell them all things that you have been doing since school was closed, you could ask them questions about what they have been doing and offer suggestions of things to do to occupy their time  You could also tell them what you are looking forward to in the future. 

If you are writing to somebody you don't know in Hopton Cottage Care Home you could explain who you are, what you like to do normally in school, what you like to do out of school and you could offer suggestions of things to do to occupy their time. Maybe you could ask questions about what their life was like when they were younger. 

Once you've written it, ask your parents if it can be posted ( make sure you are following the social distancing rules and keeping you and your family safe). Don't worry if you can't post it, it will still be nice to look back upon and read when all this is over.