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This week we are looking at the story of Icarus. You will need to order the key events of the story, write a diary entry, write some instructions and then read and respond to a more detailed version of the same story. 


Read the story of Icarus and then have a go at ordering the key events. 

All the instructions and activity sheets are in the document below. 



Today try writing a diary entry as if you are Icarus. 

Al the instructions and activity sheets are below.


Start today by reading the first part of a more detailed version of the story referring to the discussion points as you read. Then read the instructions about luring the Minotaur to the labyrinth. Can you then write some instructions to open the door. 

All the instructions, reading, questions and activities ate in the document below. 


Continue to read the story you started yesterday and follow the discussion points. Then think about if you could fly... where would you go??


Today you will be thinking a lot about hope. Read the poem and answer the questions then think about what your hopes are.