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This week we are starting with spellings and handwriting again, the moving onto to a reading comprehension on poetry and then looking at some poetry including having a go at writing some of you own. 


Words with the suffix - ous. Have a look through the PowerPoint presentation then practise your handwriting by writing out the words with ous in. Have a go at the Word Chart activity and the word search. 


Read the poem then answer the comprehension questions. Remember to write your answers in sentences. 


Read the poem Hero Dad and answer the questions. Then have look at what determiners are using the PowerPoint and then do the determiners activity. Once you have done that think about an imaginary adventure you could go on, try to use determiners in your writing. 

All the instructions and resources are in the document below. 



Re-read the poem Hero Dad and then find the determiners in the poem. The have a go at writing a poem about a friend or family member that is a hero. 

All the instructions are in the document below. 



Use the pictures to do some quick writing about  Myths and Legends. There are 5 pictures to choose from. If you want you can do more than one.