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This week we are going to start with spellings,  complete some reading comprehension questions about Big Foot the movie, then use the book Zoo by Antony Browne to think about life in a zoo. Zoo is another of my favourite books, it really gets you thinking!!

Monday -spellings

Follow the PowerPoint and then do the activity sheets. 


Read the poster and book blurb about Big Foot and then answer the comprehension questions. Remember to answer in full sentences. e.g. question 3- The stars of the film are Sebastian Conway, Ella Prince and Brad Evans. 


Watch the reading of the story Zoo by Anthony Browne. Think about what you liked and disliked about the story. Then have a go at adding some adverbials to sentences. Once you have done that think about a day trip that you would really like to have. 

All the information and instructions are in the document below and there is a PowerPoint to remind you about adverbials. 

Zoo by Anthony Browne - Give Us A Story!


Read the two opinions in the document, which one do you agree with and why? Then practise writing some adverbials. Once you have done that  have a go at writing a letter to a zoo owner asking then to treat animals well. All the information is the document below. 



Today think about the ending of the story. Recap by watching/listening to the end of the story again. 

The boy has a dream, can you write a description of what you think he dreams about? What do you think some of the animals dream about?

All the information and resources are in the document below.