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This week we are looking at the story Ananse, the forgetful guest.  You will read the text in parts answer questions and make predictions. You will also do some grammar work on fronted adverbials,  some character description work and have a go at writing your own story. 


Read Part 1 and answer the questions. Can you then predict what might happen? 

All the information is in the document below. 


Today read part 2 of the story, was your prediction from yesterday correct? Use the powerpoint to revise adverbials and then do the adverbial activities. 

All the information is in the document below. 


Today think carefully about Ananse and write information about the character. Then use the illustration as a prompt for your own story. 

All the information is in the document below. 


Practise some more fronted adverbials. First of all  can  you find the fronted adverbial in each sentence and add a comma in the correct place. Then have a go at finding them in the paragraph.  If you have time try to write a description of the London Marathon photo using fronted adverbials.  


This weeks spellings all have the prefix non. Look through the PowerPoint, practise your handwriting, have a go at writing some sentences and then do the wordsearch.