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This week there is an emphasis on our reading, spelling and grammar skills. Please remember you don't need to print all the sheets, you can look at them on screen and write your answers down in your exercise book or on paper. 


Reading comprehension: There are three different levels. If you are feeling a bit unsure complete the one with 1 star, if you are ok complete the one with 2 stars and if you are feeling confident with your reading skills complete the one with 3 stars. It's all about the wildlife you find in your local area. 


Singular nouns to plural nouns.Work through the PowerPoint about the rules for changing singular nouns to plural nouns.  Then have a go at the questions on the activity sheets.  


Continue with singular to plural. Fill in the missing words, sort the nouns into the correct plural endings and then have a go at the crossword. 


Look at the quick write activities. Use the picture to answer the questions around it. There are lots of different pictures to choose from. You could do as many as you like or pick out your favourite picture. They all have a sporting theme


Handwriting and spelling -Words with the prefix anti. There are some other activities for you to do all about prefixes, if you get time.