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This week we are looking at an African Folk tale. It is the tale of Mufaro's two daughters, two beautiful girls who react in different ways to the king's search for a wife - one is mean and selfish, the other kind and dignified. Its's a bit like Cinderella with an African folktale twist.

Day 1 and 2

Today you will start by looking at the front cover of the book and make predictions about what the story is about. You will then read the beginning of the story and answer some questions. After you have finished the questions you can think about the three characters and write notes about them in the three outlines. 

All the information and resources are in the document below. 

Day 3 

Today you will think about the messengers proclamation (important official announcement)  and think about how the characters react and how you would react.  You will then read Manyara’s Journey to find out what happened to her after she had heard the proclamation. You can then listen to or read the full story. 

[Read Aloud] Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Day 4 

Today you will create a story summary and then write a letter to your future self. 

Day 5 

Today have a go at learning these new spellings with the prefix inter, try to write each word out a few times using your best handwriting. Ask somebody in your house to test you.