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This week we are looking at the story of The Great Kapok tree by Lynne Cherry. It is a story set in the Amazon Rainforest where a man is chopping down a great Kapok tree. Exhausted from his labour, he puts down his axe and rests. As he sleeps, the animals who live in the tree plead with him not to destroy their world. I think you will like it. smiley

Day 1

Listen to the story of the Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. Think about what you like about the story and what you don't like. Can you spot any patterns? 

Read the first page from the activities below- what type of words are in bold? 

Use the revision card to remind yourself about verbs and then have a look at second page and find the verbs. 

Have a go at changing the verbs into the present tense and think of synonyms (other words that mean something similar).

If you have time write some sentences that use these verbs and synonyms. Try a mix of sentences in the present and past tense.

All the instructions and activity sheets are in the PDF and remember you can write it into your exercise book you don't have to print. 


Day 2

Today we are going to look more closely at what the animals in the rainforest said to the man as he slept. We are also going to learn about the present perfect tense. Don't worry it sounds tricky but it is fine once you get the hang of it!!!

Read what each of the animals said and then listen to and watch the PowerPoint presentation about the Perfect Present Tense.  Have a go at changing what they said into the present perfect tense. 

Then have a go at writing what you think some other animals might say to the man with the Rainforest Animals 1 sheet. If you want you could try more animals with Rainforest Animals 2. 

Day 3 and 4 

Over the next two days use the illustration of the man walking away to learn more about verbs and present perfect tense. 

Firstly look at the illustration and think about what you notice, where in the book does the picture belong? See if you can make up some sentences about the picture using the verbs given. 

Once you have done that fill in the gaps with the correct verb in the present perfect tense. 

Then have a go at writing a postcard as if you are the man writing to his family. 

All the instructions and illustrations are in the PDF below. 

Day 5 -Reading

Try to spend some time reading today, you could read to a brother or sister, to an adult or just to yourself. 

Ask an adult if they will create an account at Oxford Owl and you could read/listen to an ebook online. See the link below. 

In the 7-9 year old section there is an interesting book called Animal Conflicts or in the 9-10 year old section a book called Exploring the deep which you might like.  Or choose one that you are interested in.

You could carry on reading one of the books during the half term holiday.