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Day 1

If you didn't finish your story from last week, try to get it finished today. Re-read what you have written and check it makes sense. It's good to read it out loud as you are more likely to spot your mistakes. If you can, get an adult to read it with you. Try to correct any mistakes. If you have finished writing and checking it then as a handwriting exercise write as it up in your neatest handwriting, making sure you join the letters. You can add illustrations to it as well. 

Day 2

Listen to and watch the noun phrase video/song. Then read through the noun phrases revision card. Once you have done that look at the sentences and highlight the noun phrases.  You can write the sentences out,  highlight on the sheet or talk to an adult about the answers. The answers on on the second page. 

The Expanded Noun Phrase Song

Day 3 and 4

Remind yourself about Noun Phrases and Prepositions, then complete the spotting prepositions activity. Once you have done that have a go at planning and writing a poem that uses prepositional phrases


Day 5


Learn the following challenge words. Have a go at playing spelling tennis with somebody else in your family. With your partner, alternating,  saying the next letter in the word. e.g I am playing with Mrs Smith and we are learning the word interest-  I would start  by  saying I, then Mrs Smith would say N, then I would say T, Mrs Smith -E and so on until we had spelt the whole word or until somebody goes wrong at which point start again.  If there are quite a few family members wanting to  play- you could do a spelling circle. The same as above happens but you go round all the members taking it in turns to say the next letter. If somebody says the wrong letter they are out. The last person in, is the winner.