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This week we are going to look at writing a short story around the theme of a narrow escape. Try to be creative as possible and remember the punctuation and grammar you have learnt this year. Above all, try to enjoy doing the tasks, perhaps do it in small chunks of time with little breaks or rewards in between. Finally don't worry if you don't manage to get it all done. 

Day 1 

Watch the video clip of  the Impala and the Leopard ( don't worry it has a happy ending!) Read Impala notes and then fill in the answers or write the answers in your book or on paper. Try to write in as much detail as possible. Keep watching the video if it helps. 

Once you have done the above task, look at the pictures of narrow escapes and decide which is the predator and which is the prey. Choose your favourite narrow the escape picture and make notes about it on the storyboard or in your book.  Have a go at telling your story ideas to a family member verbally. 

All the resources for today are in the document below called Monday. 

Impala Miraculously Escapes Jaws Of Leopard | The Hunt | BBC Earth

Day 2 and 3

Remind yourself about adverbials, you did them in Y3 ( if you can remember that long agowink). Follow the presentation about adverbials and this week you can listen to it. 

Have a go at the Mouse Adverbials activity: Remember if you can't print it then you could tell an adult/sibling or write it in your book/on paper.  You have to: 

1. Read the sentences.
2. Underline the verb.
3. Highlight the adverbial.
4. Write what question the adverbial answers – When, Where or How

Then think about your story planner from yesterday and have a go at writing some sentences for your story including adverbials. 

All the resources are below. 

Day 4 and 5 

Have a go at telling  your story from the point of view of the prey, try to:
• Imagine that you are the prey in the story.
o Think about where were you at the start? What were you doing?
o Think about what you could see and how you felt when the predator attacked?
o Think about how  you escaped?
o Think about how  you feet afterwards?

Read the information about Personal Recounts and then have a go at writing your story from the point of view of the prey. 

smileyDon't worry if you don't get your story finished this week.yes