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Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th April 2020

Watch the video clip about wolves, make notes about some of the things you have learnt. Then answer the questions about the video. 

Read the report about wolves. Choose report 1 or 2 (harder) and answer the questions about wolves. 

Terrifying Wolf Bites Steve | Deadly 60 | Series 2 | BBC

Wednesday 29th April 

Read the information about Grey Wolves and Arctic Wolves. There is then a vocabulary list with technical words used from the text. Choose 4 words from the list and find the definition of them. You could draw a picture to go with them too if you wanted. 

Thursday 30th April + Friday 1st May 

Try to find out more information about wolves, it could be grey wolves or arctic wolves. Think about how you could present the information you have found. Could you write an information text, similar to one you wrote in school about your polar animal? You could include different sections with subheadings, include pictures with captions and create a catchy title. Have a go at writing up your information in either your book, on plain paper or you could use your computing skills, typing it up or making a Powerpoint Presentation.