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Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July

Follow the English work on Miss Smith's 4/5 page for this week.

Friday 22nd May 

I liked the picture on Pobble 365 today, so thought I would give you that to have a go at. The same instructions as Tuesday, see how you get on. Send me some of your story ideas from the picture on Class Dojo!


Thursday 21st May

Today we will do a reading lesson, based on Percy Jackson. Have a go at the questions and read the extract. Remember to think about using evidence from the text in your answers. 

Wednesday 20th May 

Today's lesson is a BBC Bitesize lesson on how to use homophones and paragraphs.

Tuesday 19th May

I have attached a sheet from a new site Mrs Kellett told me about called Pobble 365. There is a picture and lots of different activities related to it, including a story starter you can continue. This one is all about dinosaurs!

Monday 18th May

Spelling Day! 

Continue with your spellings today, try and learn the next 10 using the activities attached. I will also add a link for a grammar activity.

Friday 15th May

Today I would like you to focus on proof reading some writing and correcting any mistakes that you find. Try to complete all 3 activities. It tells you how many mistakes there are in each passage so look carefully.

Thursday 14th May 

Expanded Noun Phrases (2A sentences)

A revision lesson to practice writing expanded noun phrases, see if you all remember what they are!

Wednesday 13th May

Today I would like you to write a review. It can be a review of a book, story, film or game. Anything you can can make a judgement on to recommend to others. I will attach some resources to give you some ideas. 

Tuesday 12th May

Reading Comprehension

Today the link is for a reading lesson, with an extract to read. Think about answering the questions using evidence from the text.

Monday 11th May


Today continue with the next 10 spellings on the list, try to learn them using the different activities.

As an extra there is an activity about alliteration and onomatopoeia on BBC Bitesize for you to complete.

Wednesday 6th May


Day, as its going to be sunny, I would like you to get outside and read! The above link has a Daniel Radcliffe reading the first chapter of Harry Potter, so you can listen to that or read your own book if you would prefer. 

Think about what you have read. See if you can draw any of the characters, or invent your own character to fit in the story! 

Enjoy the sun! I will be in the garden with my book later!


Thursday 7th May

As today is hopefully going to be another sunny day, get outside again! Read some more of your favourite book or continue with the Harry Potter activities from the above site. 

Think about what you have read and see if you can write some of your own comprehension questions about the book. Try to write 2 mark questions that need you to give evidence for your answers from the text. Make some predictions about what you think will happen next.

If you are struggling for books, try the David Walliams link below for some short stories.



Tuesday 5th May


I would like you to think back to a few months a go when we looked at Fairytales in class. We twisted some and made some excellent alternative stories. 

I would like you to do a similar thing today. Use the Fairytale story prompt sheet attached. If you have dice then roll them and pick a picture from each line to create your own Fairytale. If you don't have any dice, then point to or just pick one from each line.

Remember to include all the grammatical features you have been working on and lots and lots of lovely description. 

It may even have to be a bit silly/funny to get the items to match together.

If you don't want to use the prompt sheet then you don't have to. Try create a unique Fairytale instead.

Monday 4th May

Spellings - continue to learn your spellings from last Monday, working your way down the list with the next 10 words. Use the activities to help you.


For Grammar - use the link below to complete the Brackets lesson on BBC Bitesize.

Friday 1st May 

Reading Activity

Use the BBC Bitesize link to watch the clip and practice answering the questions. Think especially about using evidence to back up your answers like we have done in class.

Tuesday 28th April


Today you are going to watch a short film and complete some writing tasks based on it. 

I have attached a link to the clip on You Tube and the booklet to go with it. If you don't have a printer, don't worry, just keep the document open and read the activities. Focus on the writing based activities, but there are extra for you to do if you want to. 

YOU NEED TO WATCH THE CLIP PAUSING AT DIFFERENT TIMES THE FIRST TIME YOU WATCH IT, because you need to make predictions as you watch it. Look at the attached document first. Have fun!



Monday 28th April


Use the links from last week to continue practising your spellings. Try to just work on 8-10 at a time, so that you concentrate on them and commit them to memory.


As further SPAG work, complete the online lesson below on inverted commas and speech.  

Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April


Over the next two days you are going to look at persuasive adverts. Have a look through the PowerPoint attached to learn all about these. Try and do some research online and find some adverts you like and write down notes why you like them, thinking about who they are aimed at and how they get attention. Once you have done this, create your own persuasive advert. This could be for your favourite toy/game, food, film or book. Remember your aim is to make me want to buy the product. You can set this out in a poster format and draw pictures of your object. Use both days to make sure your advert is amazing! 

Tuesday 21st April 


Today's English work is to read a chapter of a book, to yourself or an adult. Discuss the chapter, thinking about what you have learnt or what happened in detail and what you think will happen next.


Have a go at the Reading Comprehension lessons on the National Academy website link below:

Monday 20th April 


Learn the next eight spellings from your spelling lists. Use the activities leaflet attached below to help you practise your spellings. When you are confident that you know your spellings ask somebody to test you. 


This is also a link for today's BBC Bitesize Grammar lesson about similes and metaphors:

Monday 23rd March 2020



Usually, in class we have a weekly spelling test on a Monday. Use the Statutory Spelling List for Year 5 & 6 to try and learn some spellings each week. We usually aim for 10 a week. I will also attach a spellings games ideas sheet or if you can remember any of the games you have used previously for homework, use those as well. 

Tuesday 24th March


As we have now finished The Highwayman in class and learning is a little different now, I thought this would be a good time to great creative and write some stories! 


Start off by finding your favourite story book in the house and tell someone why you like it. What do you like about it? Which character do you like and why? What is your favourite part?


I have found a website where you can register for a free account to help you create your own stories. (You might need an adult's email address) Have a look around and use the activities and ideas to help create your own story.


Remember the story mountain planning sheets we use in class and think about how your story needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Set the scene - include a setting and character description

Build up - build up to the problem 


Resolution - how do they fix the problem

Ending - how does your story end?


You don't need to finish the story today, we will continue tomorrow. Aim to write a rough plan and maybe draw and describe a main character. Try and write the first paragraph today. We will carry on tomorrow. Have fun!


Wednesday 25th March 


As a little starter, I don't know if you've seen online, but David Walliams is reading a short story for 20 mins everyday. The one he has put online today is from his World's Worst Children book, which we have read some stories from in class and you have always enjoyed! The link is below, you don't have to do anything, just sit down, chill and listen (parents have a rest too!)


After that, how did your stories go yesterday? Hope you got on well! 

Well today try and write the rest of your story. Before you begin, have a read of what you have written so far and make any changes you need to or improvements with fresh eyes! 

Finish the story and then try some self editing, like we do in class. I will attach a powerpoint and some hints to help you remember how to edit and improve your writing. If you don't have a dictionary at home, use an online one. 


Good luck!

Thursday 26th March


I hope your stories all went well! Bet they had some good characters!


For today's work, I am going to add some short story comprehension activities below. There are a few, so maybe aim to do story and its questions and save the others for another day.


Friday 27th March




Try to practice a few more of the spellings I set earlier in the week first of all.

Today's work is some grammar - Abverbials.

I will post a powerpoint and some activities, but you could also practice by writing some adverbials. 

Monday 30th March 


Present Perfect Tense


Use the powerpoint and look at the different activities to explain what present perfect tense is and then try the activity sheets, the answers are attached after so no cheating! Check you were correct after you have given them a try. Each one is more difficult (The stars in the corner show the difficultly level)

Tuesday 31st March to Friday 3rd April

To take you up to the Easter hols, I am going to add a variety of different resources and website that you can use in whatever order you choose. Try to listen to the David Walliams story everyday (Its online all day, so you don't have to listen at 11). Think of some comprehension questions for each story you could ask and answer to show you have understood. You could also try to draw and describe the characters.