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Year 6 - Derwentwater


We had an amazing week in the Lake District with most of Year 6.  There was  snow on the hills,  sadly none lower down, but plenty of driving rain!  The children were brilliant, with hardly any complaints about being wet and cold, especially on the all day walk, and they mastered archery and coracle building better than I expected.  That said one of some of the children borrowed a coracle from others, which was a wise decision!

The Ghyll Scramble was incredibly good fun.  It was amusing to see the children try and keep their feet dry and then to see them slide into the water to get wet from head to toe.  At this point I was standing chest deep ready to help them out.  For those of you who do Tough Mudder, it was good training for the deep trough of ice water we are required to endure.....brrr.

The hotel was wonderful and the food was exceptionally tasty, especially the puddings.  The children were, as you would expect, well behaved, polite and a credit to themselves, and whilst sitting on the boy's corridor at 10:00 p.m. isn't that much fun, they went to bed and to sleep as well as we could have expected.

Our biggest issue was the coach not starting on the way back.  This delayed us for an hour or so, but thankfully, it didn't spoil the end of the week.

I would like to thank all of the children for their efforts and we were really proud of them for keeping going and for challenging themselves to succeed, especially at the climbing wall which was very high.  I would also like to thank Mrs Land, Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Housecroft, who gave up their own time to look after the children and to make the visit a complete success.  Of course, without their commitment, the visit would not go ahead.


Here are a few photos from the time away.