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As you can see, the fence is now complete.  This is a major step forward for the school as it will allow us to develop the playground further, safe in the knowledge that the fence will keep most people out.  I would ask you as parents to reinforce the point to your children, that once the gates are closed, the school playground or field are not available to play on.

We have already been able to add the goals and basketball nets, and today, for the first time the scooters and helmets appeared.  If our children use them as I expect them to, then I will be adding to the 4 already in use.

I have met with one company to look at the trim trail extension, and hopefully will be meeting with two more companies soon.  I have told the children that the plans will be available for them to look at before any decision is made on which company to use.


On Thursday 27th September we will be competing against other local schools in the annual cross country.  We have done exceptionally well over the last few years, fingers crossed we can continue with this success.  If we are successful we will then represent Mirfield in the Kirklees finals, and perhaps then onto the West Yorkshire finals.  


Keep an eye on all of the news from school, especially around the work of the PFA.  The PFA on behalf of the school has been magnificent and the money raised is supporting the children through resourcing as well as in the playground.  Unfortunately, our finances will remain tight for the foreseeable future.  

Today, I was looking at financial information which clearly highlights how underfunded we are.  If we received the average funding per child of Kirklees we would have an extra £270 000.00 to spend.  If we matched the national average we would have an extra £380 000.00 to spend (DFE figures for 16/17).  Whilst I fully understand why there is a difference in the levels of funding from school to school, it just feels that we are very much overlooked, despite our costs for staff, premises etc being the same as all other schools.  


It is a challenge for us, but I believe that together, as a team of home and school, we will continue to succeed and maintain our wonderful and amazing school.