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As the holiday approaches, I would like to compliment the children on how calm and positive the school has been this half term.  We will always have examples of unwanted behaviour and words, but as a general view, the children's behaviour continues to be outstanding.


The success of the running competitions has fired up the children and we have requests for running places from over 25% of the school!  This is an amazing response and we are looking at how best to keep as many involved as possible.  Details will be sent out this week.


As a last point, I would like to say a very big thank you to the PFA who are working so hard for the school, including the teachers who are staying long after school has finished to help.  The disco raised over £1000 for the school PFA account.  The teas and coffee at Parents' Evening 1 raised almost £300 for the school which again is a great effort.


Have a wonderful break and come back wrapped up from the wind and