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As we approach the end of the academic year, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the staff and children of the school for making this year another extremely successful one.  Our school is successful, not only in terms of academic achievement, as seen by the assessment scores for 2018, but across a range of areas of school life.

Through the year we have achieved some notable sporting achievements, provided business opportunities with Dragon's Den, arranged and performed 9 drama productions, given the children some fantastic out of school experiences and generally allowed our children to thrive and grow.

Of course, there are always challenges along the way, and I am sure that sometimes as parents and as a school things could have been done better, but overall, I would say we have had a wonderful year.

Sadly, Mrs Mitchell is retiring this year and I will genuinely miss her input into school.  When September comes around it will be very strange indeed without her.

Our fundraising parents have been magnificent and without their commitment and unfailing support of the school we would not have raised so much.  This money will be used to provide resources for the children.  This is an area that now has a reduced budget due to the government cuts and any extra funding is welcome.

There will be challenges next year and beyond as the financial constraints hit the school even harder, but together, as a team, I feel we will be able to meet these head on and find a solution that will help us maintain the outstanding nature of our school.


Thank you for this year and have a wonderful holiday.