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Winter has definitely caused us some problems in the last 2 weeks!


Unfortunately, last week we had to shut the school for one day as so many staff were unable to attend.  One of the parents informed me that it was the first time for 11 years that I have made that decision.

Today, the 8th, started off as an exciting day for the children with the F2 Mother's Day session and the West Yorkshire Cross Country Championships for 20 of our Y4 and Y5 children, but soon changed into a real challenge to get into school to open for the children.

I set off from home at 6:40 and finally arrived at 9:40.  A journey that should take 20 minutes ended up taking 180!  There were so many cars and buses stuck that caused massive tailbacks.

The staff who were able to get in before me were able to open the school and I would like to say a massive thank you and well done to them.  Some of them set off in their cars and ended up walking the last few miles. It shows how committed they are to your children and the school.  A brilliant effort!


I will always try to open the school and once we are open we will  always stay open until the end of school, unless we are ordered by the police to close; as we were when the river broke its banks.  


Hopefully, this is the end of this winter's dramas.