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I am amazed how quickly the summer holidays disappeared!  That first Monday seems like an age ago, now we are back to school, with almost the first week of half term completed.  The children have come back into school ready to work and I am very proud of their efforts and behaviour through this week.


We have nearly a full fence!  It is a shame that the contractors have had a number of reasons why the fence is yet to be finished and it has delayed some of our ideas for the field and playground.  That said, I am picking up some scooters this week-end to be used by Foundation and Key Stage 1 as well as ordering more goal posts for the field.  We want to try and make the outside areas as wonderful and as exciting as possible for the children, giving them the chance to exercise and also relax and chat.  


​​​​​​​Next week I will start the process of looking at the next phase of trim trail work in order to extend the physical opportunities on offer.


The cost of all of the playground improvements, but not the fence, will be met by the sports premium and money raised by the PFA for the children.


As a school we will also be looking at our behaviour policy and we are aiming to introduce a number of new strategies, so don't be surprised if your children talk to you about fantastic walking or 'new rules' or meet and greet.  Our school is undoubtably the calmest and best behaved school I have worked in and I hope that any amendments to procedures will enhance this further.


Today is my first 'teach KS2 afternoon' and  I am hoping for a positive start.  Sadly, due to the financial constraints placed on the school we are having to save as much as possible as well as raise funds in a variety of ways.  This will save the school about £600 per week, and so worthwhile; whilst it will be tough, I am hoping the children and I will have an enjoyable time.