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Welcome back to school.  This is the start of half term 6 of this academic year; it is amazing just how quickly the year goes!  I often feel that this should be the nicest half term of the whole year, with warm days, sports days and eventually a gentle wind down to summer.  However, nothing could be further from the truth, as we are still incredibly busy with assessments, reports, transition, appeals and so on .....

This half term will also see our Y6 children getting ready to move to high school, as well as new children entering the school, those last few days can be very hard for the children leaving as they realise that their time in primary is coming to an end.  Some of course will be desperate to leave whilst others will want to stay here for a little longer.


The new fence will also be erected through this half term.  I appreciate that it is not a universally welcomed addition to the school and I would love to keep the school site open, however, the Local Authority and I realise that the time is right to protect our children further.  Over the years I have been at Hopton I have sadly seen an increase in the anti social behaviour on our school site.  Even worse is the fact some of it is by our ex pupils.

I would need many pages to list the number of incidents we have dealt with and so I have tried to categorise them below:-

  • Many acts of vandalism
  • Evidence of the grounds being used for drug activities
  • Theft from the school grounds, including the roof
  • Evidence of the school grounds being used for intimate relations
  • Animal fouling of the school grounds
  • Animals on site whilst children are in school
  • Abusive behaviour towards school staff and residents
  • Broken bottles in the playground and field
  • Litter
  • Attempted arson
  • Cans torn open to be left on the field which present a real danger to children
  • Cruelty to animals
  • Limitations placed n what we can provide for the children due to the above
  • Using the school site as a venue to drink and get drunk


I hope that the fence will allow us to increase the options for children in both the playground and the field and that the increased safety for the children will make the fence a worthwhile local authority project.  We already have a few ideas to put i place once the project is complete.